## Options The behaviour of kramdown can be adjusted via the available options. Options can be specified in multiple ways: On the command line : The `kramdown` binary allows setting any option by using command line switches. For example, the following command will disable automatic header ID generation and defines the first footnote number as 5: ~~~ $ kramdown --no-auto-ids --footnote-nr 5 ~~~ As you can see all underscores in option names have to be replaced with dashes. The built-in help of the binary as well as the man-page show all available options. Within a kramdown document : By using the special extension syntax, it is possible to set options within a document. Using the above example, the options would be set like this within a document: ~~~ {::options auto_ids="false" footnote_nr="5" /} ~~~ Using Ruby code : If you are using kramdown as a library, you can pass any options as second parameter to the `Kramdown::Document.new` method. Again, using the above example you would initalize the kramdown document class as follows: ~~~ ruby Kramdown::Document.new(source_text, \{auto_ids: false, footnote_nr: 5}) ~~~ ## Available Options Below is a list of all currently available options. Have a look at the documentation of a converter or parser to see directly which options they support! {options: {items: all}}